Review of L’Invention du carnaval au XIXe siècle by Felipe Ferreira

  • Aurélie Godet
Keywords: Carnival, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Nice, domestication, bourgeoisie

Author Biography

Aurélie Godet

Aurélie Godet is associate professor of US history at the Université de Paris (formerly Paris Diderot University). Since releasing a book on the Tea Party movement in 2012 (Le Tea Party: Portrait d’une Amérique désorientée), she has been working on the history of Louisiana and of festive practices in the United States. Her next volume will be a political history of New Orleans Mardi Gras from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century. She was a Fulbright visiting researcher at Tulane University in 2018.

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Godet, Aurélie. 2020. “Review of L’Invention Du Carnaval Au XIXe siècle by Felipe Ferreira”. Journal of Festive Studies 2 (1), 337-40.