Review of L’Invention du carnaval au XIXe siècle by Felipe Ferreira


  • Aurélie Godet



Carnival, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Nice, domestication, bourgeoisie

Author Biography

Aurélie Godet

Aurélie Godet is associate professor of US history at the Université de Paris (formerly Paris Diderot University). Since releasing a book on the Tea Party movement in 2012 (Le Tea Party: Portrait d’une Amérique désorientée), she has been working on the history of Louisiana and of festive practices in the United States. Her next volume will be a political history of New Orleans Mardi Gras from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century. She was a Fulbright visiting researcher at Tulane University in 2018.




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Godet, Aurélie. 2020. “Review of L’Invention Du Carnaval Au XIXe siècle by Felipe Ferreira”. Journal of Festive Studies 2 (1):337-40.