Doing Research on Festivals

Cui Bono?

  • Alessandro Testa Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
Keywords: Festival, Method, Theory, Comparison, History, Ethnography


With this opinion piece, the author highlights certain methodological and thematic patterns characterizing his ten-year-long research into festivals, public rituals, and collective events, completing such recapitulation with a statement of ongoing commitment as well as with ideas about possible further scholarly developments. His final aim is to show how research about festivals, festivities, and festive events has benefited and still benefits from being conducted on the basis of a methodology involving critical comparison, intensive and in-depth ethnography, and a thorough study of historical sources.


Author Biography

Alessandro Testa, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Alessandro Testa is a historian and anthropologist—he has not yet decided which identity suits him better. As a scholar, he likes to teach, especially in central Europe, and to write; in fact, his publications include three books, three edited volumes, and numerous articles in journals and chapters in volumes. Over the last fifteen years, he has studied, worked, and/or undertaken ethnographic fieldwork for extended periods of time in Italy, France, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and Spain (Catalonia). He has presented the results of his research at conferences in some twenty countries.

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Testa, Alessandro. 2019. “Doing Research on Festivals”. Journal of Festive Studies 1 (1), 5-10.