Celebration of One


  • Isabel Machado
  • Valeria Molinari




celebration, artwork


Brief interview with Valeria Molinari

Author Biography

Valeria Molinari

Valeria Molinari (she/her) is an artist, illustrator, and art director from Venezuela, with a diverse practice that includes textile work, video installation, editorial illustration, and zines. Valeria likes to experiment with different mediums which is why is hard for her to identify herself with just one artistic label. In the past decade her work exists in the cross between art and activism, dealing with the language surrounding rape culture and feminism, and well as gender and queer politics. Using fibers as her base medium, Valeria incorporates calligraphy and hand lettering to display her message. Her practice involves a lot of self-examination and research, trying to remind the viewer about the power of words. The power of concepts, phrases, and lines that have been unquestioned by people for generations perpetuating thoughts and behaviors of gender, class, race, and sexuality.

Lately, Valeria has been going back to her multidisciplinary roots while exploring different projects both old and new. She's currently working on a small project called "Celebration of one" in which she finds a way to find joy and cause for celebration in the mundane.





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Machado, Isabel, and Valeria Molinari. 2021. “Celebration of One”. Journal of Festive Studies 3 (1):14-16. https://doi.org/10.33823/jfs.2021.3.1.103.