Ventania no Coração da Bahia

(Windstorm in the heart of Bahia)


  • Isabel Machado
  • Tenille Bezerra



Santa Bárbara, Iansã, Saint Barbara, Festivals, Brazil, Bahia


Documentary short about the centuries-long relationship between the Saint Barbara/Iansã Feast and a popular market in the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. (25:03 minutes)

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Author Biography

Tenille Bezerra

Tenille Bezerra was born in Valença, Bahia, Brazil. Graduated in Communication Studies, she is a filmmaker and executive producer who has been active in Brazilian audiovisual production for over 20 years. She produced and directed the documentary feature Aleluia, o canto infinito do Tincoã (Aleluia: The Tincoã’s infinite song), a poetic musical profile of legendary Brazilian singer Mateus Aleluia released in 2020 and the documentary short Vamos à Luta (Join the Struggle, 2021). As a singer, she performed with Aleluia in the "Segredos do Mar e do Tempo" (Secrets of the sea and time) concert series. Her first poetry compilation, rumor, was published in 2017. She is also screenwriter, editor, and producer of the podcast series “Canto dos Recuados” (The song of the retreated).




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Machado, Isabel, and Tenille Bezerra. 2021. “Ventania No Coração Da Bahia : (Windstorm in the Heart of Bahia)”. Journal of Festive Studies 3 (1):148-50.